Third Iberian Workshop:
Exploitation of space missions and new technologies in Asteroseismology
Navacerrada, Madrid, 3-5 May, 2010

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Scientific rationale

At the present, a large amount of space data coming from Kepler and CoRoT are in the hands of the stellar seismology community, and in particular of the researchers working in Portugal and Spain. In addition, a large amount of ground-based data complementing space observations are also available. The analysis and interpretation of all these data is a major challenge, and to develop actual work "hands-on" would expand the research presently carried out by the Iberian community. This meeting is devoted to this hands-on work.

We are going to work in-situ on the analysis and modeling of different Kepler and CoRoT targets, and the corresponding ground-based observations, when relevant. The meeting is based on a series of presentations, representative of different Kepler WG, where the most interesting objects, the exotic objects from this WG point of view, and their necessities to achieve the objectives, are explained. There will be also presentations on any CoRoT or Kepler individual object of interest for the Iberian community. The remaining time of the meeting is devoted to work on these objects, using all the tools available in the  community. There will be a special session on VO facilities.

This plan requires the participation of every researcher, and the meeting is open to proposal on any interesting object. If you want to discuss and work on any interesting Kepler or CoRoT object, or on any Kepler WG, do not hesitate to contact the SOC ( Deadline, April 15th.

We look forward to seeing you in Navacerrada in May 2010 and would appreciate receiving your INDICATION OF INTEREST AND PROPOSALS to the mail "" at your very earliest convenience. This is a very important part of our planning since we will base the detailed planning of the workshop on your indications.


  • A. Moya (chair)
  • P.J. Amado
  • R.A. Garcia
  • R. Garrido
  • A. Grigahcene
  • J.P. Marques
  • M.J.P.F.G. Monteiro
  • C. Rodriguez-Lopez
  • J.C. Suarez


  • A. Moya
  • C. Rodriguez-Lopez
  • C. Rodrigo


The worshop starts on Monday 03/05 morning, and it ends on Wednesday 05/05

Hotel/Room prices

Hacienda Los Robles,
Navacerrada Pueblo,
Madrid, Spain

All rooms are double rooms used as single. The price is 80€/day

How to arrive

A) By bus: Go to "Intercambiador de Moncloa"

        A.1) If you arrive to Barajas, you can take the Metro (Line 8 until Nuevos Ministerios - change to Line 6 until Moncloa - in this station there is a direct conection with the bus station "Intercambiador de Moncloa", 2€), or you can take a Taxi (Barajas T4 - Intercambiador de Moncloa, 26€).

        A.2) If you arrive to Atocha - Renfe (AVE) by train, you can take the Metro (Line 1 until Sol - Change to Line 3 until Moncloa - in this station there is a direct conection with the bus station "Intercambiador de Moncloa", 1.20€), or you can take a taxi (Atocha -Renfe (AVE) - Intercambiador de Moncloa, 12 € approx.)

                In "Intercambiador de Moncloa", take the bus number 691 (Becerril - Navacerrada - Valdesqui). It is located in "Isla 2", "Darsena 21". There is a bus every hour (each X:30h). The bus has an stop at the door of the Hotel, it takes around 50 minutes. Price: less than 4€

B) By taxi: Go to Hacienda Los Robles, Navacerrada Pueblo, Avenida de Madrid 27. Around 80€.

C) By train (Cercanias RENFE): Line C-8B to Cercedilla, you have to stop in Collado Mediano (4.25€) There are trains each hour or half an hour and takes 1:10h.

        C.1) If you arrive to Barajas, take Metro Line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios and then change to C-8B of Cercanias.

        C.2) If you arrive to Atocha - RENFE (AVE), in this station you can directly take the line C-8B.

        Collado Mediano station is around 6 km distant from the Hotel. In the Hotel they have provided us the telephone of a taxi in Navacerrada. 685970270 (Santiago) to go from the Collado Mediano station to the Hotel (I do not know the price). He can also pick up at Barajas (65€ approx.)

A. Moya

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