Formation of substellar objects:
Theory and observations

ESAC, Madrid, Spain, May 21-23, 2018

Scientific program and contributions

 The program can be found here (final version).

Talks (alphabetic order):

Aina Palau: Observations of pre- and proto- brown dwarfs

Alejandro Santamaría-Miranda: Lupus 1 and 3 with ALMA

Amelia Bayo: Modeling the first millimeter detection of the disk around a young, isolated, planetary-mass object

Anne-Lise Maire: SHINE, SPHERE High-contrast ImagiNg survey for Exoplanets

Aurora Aguayo: Accretion onto substellar objects

Cathie Clarke: New constraints on brown dwarf formation mechanisms

Cecilia Lazzoni: Brown dwarfs binarity

Dimitris Stamatellos: The effect of radiative feedback on brown dwarf formation by disc fragmentation

Estelle Moraux: The substellar IMF

Gilles Chabrier: BD Theory

Jack J. Humpries: Pebble accretion onto brown dwarfs and gas giant planets at wide orbits

Jose A. Caballero: Theory and observations of substellar objects in Sigma Orionis in 2018

Ken Rice: Disk fragmentation

Masahiro N. Machida: Brown Dwarf Formation and Jet Propagation in Core Collapse Simulations

Matthew Bate: Formation mechanisms and statistical properties of brown dwarfs

Paolo Padoan: The origin of brown dwarfs from turbulent fragmentation

Patricia Chinchilla: Search for wide substellar companions to young nearby stars with VISTA hemisphere survey.

Philippe André: Searching for pre-brown dwarfs at submillimeter wavelengths

Víctor S. J. Béjar: Ultra-Cool dwarfs in the VISTA Hemisphere Survey




Posters (alphabetic order):

Anne-Lise Maire: Orbital analysis of the brown dwarf companion to the debris disk host star HR2562 using VLT/SPHERE

Eun Jung Chung: FUNS - Filaments, the Universal Nursery of Stars. I.

Javier Olivares: The Pleiades low-mass members

Juan Carlos Beamín: Studying the stellar-substellar transition in the Gaia Era

María José Maureira: Outflow and envelope properties of the archetype First hydrostatic Core candidate L1451-mm

Mery Barsony: Searching for Sub-stellar Objects in IC348 with the Hubble Space Telescope

Nuria Huélamo: Searching for pre- and proto-brown dwarfs in Barnard 30 with ALMA

Sebastià Barceló Forteza: Asteroseismology contributions to brown dwarf research